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We are not just a sprinkler company! We also have a licensed plumber available for back flow testing that cities are requiring now. Speaking of plumbing, we work very closely with K&D Plumbing out of Livonia, Michigan and can assist you with those needs as well.

Needing sod work? Hillcrest Sod Farm out of Romulus, Michigan is our go-to sod farm! We work together on many sprinkler/sod installations throughout the year.

We also are available for landscape needs. Schedule a free estimate today!


Unless your system was built a LONG time ago and installed under the frost line (which is rare), you will need a winterization appointment to blow out the moisture in your lines at the end of the year. If you do not do this properly, that moisture can freeze in cold temperatures and what does water do when it freezes? It expands. That expansion can burst your sprinkler lines and be a VERY costly repair. Around this time of the year you may find a neighbor or average "Joe" on your doorstep with a rented air compressor advertising their "services" for very little money. Buyer beware. Will you be able to call that person to come fix your system if there IS a problem? Probably not... Don't take chances, have it done right. We have different sized commercial air compressors and the experience and knowledge to prevent thousands of dollars in repairs. We are not in the business to cost you more money, we are wanting to gain more clients and take care of the ones we have by being an honest and fair company who cares.

System Repair & Maintenance

With our tremendous amount of irrigation experience, H&B Sprinkler in Belleville has seen just about everything. You will have your typical repairs such as broken heads or leaks in lines but sometimes there are more in depth repairs like vacuum breaker repair or plumbing issues. We can do it all. Your system runs on a pump? We know pumps! Need to add a zone for shrubs or a drip irrigation system for new landscaping? Give us a call! Garage hit by lightening and fried your controller? Yep, we've had that too. Trust us, 40+ years of experience lets you see all types of issues! Be confident in who you call to take care of your system.

Spring Start Up

We generally begin making calls to ALL of our clients the second to last week of April each year, depending on weather patterns. We will let you know when we will be in the area and if you will be requiring a start up, we can schedule it right there! We offer a "full system start up", which means we start the system, run through it to check for any problems, adjust any heads that may need it and cut the grass around the heads so the water is not impeded. All of this is included in the start up price! There are no monetary surprises in our fees!


We start with a free estimate to include all of your watering needs. Our estimates provide you with a full breakdown of each element of your installation and make it very easy to see where your money will be going. Once you have accepted the proposal, we do it all! We take care of any permits that need to be pulled (included in price), call Misdig to flag your property for utilities, will schedule with you a plumbing appointment to prep for your installation, plan the date of your installation with you and follow up with you to schedule your winterization. By the way, your first winterization is included in your installation price!

Please call for pricing

Group Rates!

When considering scheduling your start up or winterization appointment, keep in mind that we offer group rates for neighbors! At least 3 or more scheduling in the same time block can save you cash!

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